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I know you’re probably tired of reading headlines that promise you the magic bullet to your success.

The advertisements seem to be everywhere you look…

“Buy this and make $100,000”

“This one funnel will make all your dreams come true”

This headline is not going to promise you either of…

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This is a big week for the universe.

We have moved into the Age of Aquarius this year and TODAY is a powerful Jupiter Saturn great conjunction and four of the planets will reach zero points in the next few hours.

If you follow astrology this is HUGE.

We have…

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Most entrepreneurs I talk to say they want to meditate but either don’t have the time or don’t think it works for them.

Both of these excuses are not real. The reason you do not meditate has nothing to do with ‘time’ or it not working for you.

It has…

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“I can’t hold on anymore. The rope is slipping and I have to let go.”

This is what I wrote down in my journal this morning as I was helping my mindsets see why I was feeling this way.

It started like this;

Dear Danielle,

Why are you holding onto…

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The Journey of Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.

It takes determination.

It takes perseverance.

It tasks action.

And it takes persistence within clearing your limiting beliefs.

And if you can do that, you have a SHOT at succeeding.

As I navigated a tough limiting belief over the…

I was on a call with a client today and he was sharing with me all the wonderful personal growth and mindset programs he has been a part of.

Honestly, the list was quite noteworthy.

He was also sharing with me how he has been ‘stuck’, feeling like he is…

My fellow Canadians;

The Canadian bell has been rung and the announcement has been made;

‘We need to act now’: Canada public health officer raises COVID-19 pandemic threat from low-risk to ‘serious’

( NOW before I get into this letter I want to start by saying this was written looking…

“Everything Negative — pressure, CHALLENGES — is all an opportunity for me to RISE” — Kobe Bryant

(This post does not come without massive grief, emotions, heartache, and tears.)

Yesterday I was sitting in a restaurant looking out at the ocean, having an extremely productive morning.

In fact I had…

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A question that I get asked often is ‘What made me decide to become an Entrepreneur?’

That answer is both simple and complicated.

I will give you the simple answer first.

I lost my corporate job and had a decision to make which was to go for it and become…

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